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Group Benefits: Expense - or - Essential Recruiting + Retention Tool?

What would a group health insurance plan look like for a practice with 3-25 staff members covered under the plan (including practice owner)?

About this event

Running a healthy dental practice requires a team of dependable, healthy employees.

Quality health-care coverage for you and your employees can help your business in many ways - from job satisfaction and consistent productivity to career longevity and consistently good health. In this environment of wellness, benefits matter.


September 20, 2022 Agenda:

1. The Growing Importance of Benefit Programs to Maintain Worker Wellness and Satisfaction

2. Facing Down “The Great Resignation” – The Challenge of Hiring and Keeping Talent

3. Personalization – Wellness, Work environment, and Self-care: The New Must-Haves

4. Beyond a Benefits Plan – Emerging Trends

5. Designing a Benefits Plan that Meets Your Practice Needs


So, what would a group health insurance plan look like for a small-to-mid-size dental practice (3-25 staff members)?

Group health insurance for small businesses resembles group plans for larger companies:

---> the owner offers either one plan (or a few options for plans)

---> employees join the group

---> everyone is covered under one policy

There are plenty of ways to control your benefits costs without leaving your employees without health insurance and other benefits.

Why does it matter to offer health insurance benefits as a dental practice owner?

Having high job satisfaction can make a big difference!

Offering benefits is one huge aspect of retaining and appreciating the people you wouldn’t be able to continue to run your successful practice without...

---> your office manager

---> your dental hygienists

---> your dental assistants

AND YOU! (Dentists can cover themselves and their families under the plan).

  • SAVE-THE-DATE: Tuesday, September 20 2022
  • TIME: 7:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. PT
  • LOCATION: ZOOM Webinar


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2023 Mid-Year Review

2023 Mid-Year Review: Causes for optimism and caution
Thursday, June 8, 2023
11 am PT | 12 pm MT | 1 pm CT | 2 pm ET | 3 pm AT | 3:30 pm NL

Join Chief Investment Strategist, Philip Petursson, live as he reviews the year so far.
Topics include:

- A review of Philip’s predictions from the 2023 Market Outlook Webinar.
- Trends to watch closely in 2023 and early 2024.
- A live Q&A chat with Ashish Utarid and Pierre-Benoît Gauthier, AVPs of Investment Strategy.


Past Virtual Events


Finances and Dementia

Finances and Dementia: Advice for the Journey
Thursday, April 20, 2023
10 am PT | 11 am MT | 12 pm CT | 1 pm ET | 1 pm AT | 2:30 pm NL

Today, there are more than 600,000 people living with dementia in Canada. By 2030, we can expect this number to be close to 1 million. Apart from the emotional and mental health impact, costs for people with dementia are 5.5 times greater than for individuals who have not been diagnosed with the condition. The seniors, parents and grandparents of our communities often face unique financial challenges that come with age. For those facing the journey with dementia, the need for advice has never been greater.

Join Christine Van Cauwenberghe, Head of Financial Planning, IG Wealth Management, and Dr. Sarah Main, Research Scientist, Alzheimer Society of Canada for this interactive webinar.

Together they will provide:

- Tips and tools for wealth planning for aging individuals
- Advice for caregivers and people living with dementia
- Tax considerations and resources available for Canadians

Succession planning in the agriculture sector

Succession planning in the agriculture sector
Thursday, March 9th

Agriculture can be a rewarding, yet challenging career. People in the sector face specific issues when planning their business' succession. IG Wealth Management is proud to support Canada's agricultural sector with advice that's tailored to its unique business needs. Join our expert panel as they discuss how to set your agricultural business up for future success.

This session will cover:  
- Starting the conversation on a successful farm transition
- Retirement considerations 
- Risk management for your agriculture business
- Virtual Q&A session after the panel discussion.

How to navigate today's top five retirement challenges

How to navigate today's top five retirement challenges 
Thursday, February 23, 2023
11 a.m. PT | 12 p.m. MT | 1 p.m. CT | 2 p.m. ET | 3 p.m. AT | 3:30 p.m. NL

Whether you’re five years out from retirement or 15, there are significant forces and trends you may not be aware of that may affect your plans.

Join our host, financial planning author Melissa Leong, and expert panelists Philip Petursson, Chief Investment Strategist, and Christine Van Cauwenberghe, Head of Financial Planning at IG Wealth Management. They'll be covering the key questions and misunderstandings many Canadians have about retirement and reveal how your retirement plan can thrive during these volatile and uncertain times.

This is sure to be an informative and entertaining session. Our panel of experts will tackle your questions about:

- The main challenges retirees and pre-retirees face.
- Why your current approach to retirement might not be sufficient.
- How to remedy your current shortfalls.

Navigate the Peaks and Troughs.

Navigate the Peaks and Troughs
Thursday, January 19, 2023
11 a.m. PST /12 noon MST / 1 p.m. CST/ 2 p.m. EST / 3 p.m. AST / 3:30 p.m. NSL

Invite clients and prospective investors to this January webinar featuring Chief Investment Strategist,
Philip Petursson, hosted by acclaimed business journalist, Amanda Lang. This 2023 Market Outlook 
year-opener session is one you do not want to miss.

The session will cover:
- What might investors expect 
- Trends to watch closely in 2023

Live Q&A chat with a panel of experts

Retirement and estate planning for business owners

Retirement and estate planning for business owners
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
10 am PT | 11 am MT | 12 pm CT | 1 pm ET | 2 pm AT | 2:30 pm NL

Join our Chief Investment Strategist, Philip Petursson, as we look at the market for the remainder of 2022 and early 2023.

Join our expert panel as they discuss questions business owners should be asking themselves about retirement and estate planning for their private businesses.
The session will cover:

- Five key questions that business owners should ask themselves to guide their planning
- How to monetize the value of their business in retirement
- Solutions to maximize their estate values