Business Owners

We help medium and small size business owners create comprehensive plans to help align there corporate financial planning with their personal financial planning. We are also well versed in helping create succession planning strategies and have extensive experience helping structure family businesses to be passed on.

Medical & Dental Professionals

We provide many dentists, dental specialists, and physicians with advice surrounding the incorporation of their practice as well as the personal comprehensive planning to encourage true financial well-being. We have an intimate understanding of the nuances associated with Medical & Dental Professionals and the challenges they face at various points in their financial lifecycle.

Incorporated Professionals

Our advanced knowledge of tax planning for incorporated professionals allows us to utilize strategies to improve client outcomes. This often includes working collaboratively with external advisors to ensure we’re in compliance with various restrictions around professional incorporations.

High Net Worth Families & Individuals

High net worth families and individuals have a dynamic vision for the future. With this it is imperative that we create a financial framework that is also dynamic. We often refer to our planning as “agile” so that as wants and needs change, we’re able to make adjustments to the plan to ensure your desires are met and your legacy protected.