Steve Locke, Portfolio Manager (iProfile Fixed Income Private Pool), Mackenzie Investments

Steve Locke, Portfolio Manager (iProfile Fixed Income Private Pool), Mackenzie Investments In this video, Steve shares his insights on the current market environment generally and the fixed income space in particular. Further, he provides an overview of the iProfile Fixed Income Private Pool and the changes he and his team have made given recent market volatility.

Jeff Rottinghaus, Portfolio Manager (IG Wealth Management Large Cap Core Equity Fund),T. Rowe Price

In this video, Jeff provides his thoughts on the current market environment, shares an overview of IG Wealth Management Large Cap Core Equity Fund and explains the adjustments he’s making to the Fund given recent volatility.

Samantha Azzarello, Executive Director & Global Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management (asset manager for IG Wealth Management)

Samantha provides J.P. Morgan’s analysis of what’s currently happening in global markets and why the current situation is so unique.  She also shares her view of what needs to happen for markets to stabilize and outlines some of the progress we’ve seen so far, including steps governments have taken and monetary policy decisions. 

Market Volatility Update from Nelson Arruda

Nelson Arruda, Senior Vice-President and Portfolio Manager (IG Managed Payout Portfolios) Mackenzie Investments (asset manager for IG Wealth Management)

Nelson provides an overview of the investment strategy for the IG Managed Payout Portfolios and an update on the steps he and his team are taking to position the portfolios in the current market environment.

Market Volatility Update from Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

As a global investment strategist, Nanette shares her views on market trends and opportunities with subadvisory clients as well as their sales organizations and major broker-dealers and distributors. Further, as a multi-asset strategist, she consults with clients on strategic portfolio issues and works with investment teams across the firm to develop relevant investment solutions. Wellington Management is an asset manager for IG Wealth Management.

John Simpson, Managing Director, Multi-Asset Strategies Group BlackRock 

John shares BlackRock’s analysis of the current market environment and provides an update on changes being made to the IG BlackRock Active Allocation Pools (which are building blocks within the IG Core Portfolios).

Market Volatility – Fund update (Martin Downie, CFA)

Martin has more than 30 years of investment industry experience. During this time he has established a proven track record based on a sound investment discipline and process.

What you need to know about coronavirus market activity

IG Wealth Management Senior Vice President of Investment Strategy Bill Chornous provides insight on recent market volatility and the impact of the coronavirus.

2020 Market Outlook

Don't expect a recession, but the markets and economies won't grow at a torrid pace, either.

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